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This unique therapeutic shampoo is one of the products we are the proudest of. It's effective, versatile and very gentle.


It has been thought for dogs and cats with sensitive skins, but we recommend it for puppies and kittens.


Its formulation based on lavender hydrosol, bamboo extract, olive leaf, chamomile and calendula give it a calming, antibacterial and moisturizing action.


Therapeutic above all, it also gives brilliance, elasticity, and lightness to the most rebellious furs of dogs with pronounced dermatitis.


It's used in duo with its conditioner, which is composed with the same active ingredients.


No chemical agent

No petroleum derivative

No alcohol

No sulfate

No silicone

No parabens

Free of polymers


This way, you avoid the accumulation of toxins that could build up dangerously in the body of your four-legged friend.

PÜR Shampoo

  • This shampoo is ready to use, but it can be diluted with one part shampoo to 4 to 6 parts water.

    Use it following the preliminary shampoo (Detox). Depending on the skin issue, you can wash the animal 2 times with Pür without a preliminary shampoo.

    Combine it with the Pür conditioner for optimal results.

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