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About us



DOGMÄ is the result of a collaboration between master groomers, a leading zoocosmetic expert and a zoo herbalist.   


Together, they have created natural pet care products for dogs and cats.


DOGMÄ's goal is to develop natural products for animal care and well-being with full transparency of the ingredients used in green chemistry.


Each product is designed in harmony with nature, with no compromise on performance and efficiency, in order to be the #1 choice of all professionals and pet owners who share the same values of animal health and well-being.


We are constantly innovating and offering an ultra-fast service in order to satisfy our customers' needs and facilitate their daily work.

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Andree Boulay

I have been a groomer and self-employed since 1989.

I am still active bypassion, but part-time, because je 

  devotes most of my time to Dogmä

I followed all the training courses in Zoocosmetology (ZAP 1-2-3) to be completed in 2022, in order   to meet real dermatological needs according to breed genetics and thus improve our products.

In continuous training for everything related to business administration, time management, etc., in order to have a healthy business.

I was also the organizer of the event for groomers onCanine Artist Galafrom 2016 to 2019 with my groomer friend Linda Jomphe and our spouses.


Sylvain Julien

Entrepreneur for over 15 years. I was a heavy machinery operator for several years.

I createdSharpeninge Prolameinc. in 2015 by increasing my clientele in grooming and cli salonsveterinary shop for sharpening blades and scissors, sales and repairs.


The story of Dogma

Aiguisage Prolame having been a distributor for other grooming product companies at the beginning and  

Andrée with her experience in grooming as well as problems related to often not very natural products that made her hands chap on several occasions during the year, animals that scratch after grooming and products that lack performance. So we decided it was time for us to have our own line of products.

Dogmä was founded in 2015 (we are the owner since 2016)

company already existing under the banner of Apothipaws, we have integrated our luminary of zoo-cosmeto training from L'Art au poil (Marie-Claude Desbiens) and our herbalist Sophie Caron (Tout Naturellement) to adjust and create a complete, natural range and performance for grooming professionals. 

Recently, DOGMÄ has its own laboratory with qualified personnel for research, development and innovation in order to have a better follow-up  on the quality and stability of our products.

As well as our own production plant in order to have a greater production capacity for our growing clientele. You.

Our priority, is to listen and care about our customers in order to offer the best fast service and the best performing products.


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