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Catmäderme gels have been adapted and created to help heal the small skin discomforts that are the daily challenges of groomers concerned about the health and well-being of their hairy customers.


When we brainstormed for the development of this product, we had two ambitious goals at the time:

The first is to create "THE MIRACLE LOTION" and the second is to work with active products that are entirely natural and adapted to the fragile nature of our hairy companions' epidermis.

It is after several successful tests, that we proudly present this new product, which should absolutely be part of all the homes that house or work with our carnivorous hairs.


Cat formula without essential oils.


The presentation of our formats in bottles such as hermetic and opaque vacuum pumps, allows a better conservation of the gel while protecting it from bacterial corruption.


Available in 100 ml and 50 ml "handbag" versions


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