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What is Colloidal Silver...

Colloidal Silver can help heal and promote rapid and healthy skin healing. Colloidal Silver is a broad-spectrum antibacterial. It is recommended to help reduce skin lesions and abrasions, cuts, chapped skin, wounds, or burns. It is even sometimes used to restore mucous membrane balance.

In reality, it is a suspension of microscopic silver particles in ultra-pure water. It is known to be capable of:

Colloidal Silver was extensively used by doctors for nearly half a century until the early 1940s when it fell into oblivion after the invention of antibiotics.

It is in ionized form that silver proves to be most effective and easily assimilated without toxicity. Colloids are these extremely fine particles that do not settle in tissues and remain in suspension for immediate availability to cells.

Colloidal silver is believed to help reduce inflammations, skin problems, wounds, and all types of fungal infections, as well as bacterial or microbial infections.

Main indications of colloidal silver use for dogs and cats:

Oral: A general guideline for oral administration is five to 10 drops, two to three times a day.

Topical: As a wound cleanser, use to clean the affected area with a cotton swab. For skin conditions, spray on the area or use as a compress several times a day.

For Ears: Apply a few drops per day to the affected ears for a duration of 10 days.

For Eyes: Apply one drop three times a day to the affected eyes.

Note: Orally given colloidal silver may reduce the natural beneficial flora in the intestine, similar to regular antibiotics. Therefore, it is important to add a source of probiotics and prebiotics to the diet to help maintain your furry friend's intestinal flora.

Currently, colloidal silver is not authorized for oral sale. External use is authorized with the mention "for external use only, do not swallow." Informed consumers will make their choices.

DOGMÄ is all about quality that makes a difference:

DOGMÄ offers you 15ppm Colloidal Silver, of human consumption quality accredited by Health Canada Agency.

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