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Types of hair not to shave!

Dogs with undercoats:

In fact, they are double-haired dogs. The first layer, the undercoat, is downy, fine, short hair (closest to the skin). It is this layer that the animal loses during molting. This layer serves to trap air and is insulating for the dog. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

The second layer of hair is the finishing layer, it is made up of guard hairs which do not shed. This protects your pet against the sun's harmful rays, bad weather and insect bites.

Now let's talk about why people shave their undercoat:

- Summer because they think the animal will be less hot, WRONG!!! Dogs do not sweat through their skin but through their pads (a little) and especially when panting. If you shave him, you take away his “air conditioning” from his body...

- The most common reason: The dog loses too much hair without being flat or stupid, you had to think about this before buying an undercoat dog.

There are several options for hair loss, especially during shedding! Good grooming with a shedding treatment like *DOGMÜE, products intended only to regulate hair loss during moulting AND good brushing will work miracles!!

The *DOGMÜE in detail: This formula is rich in active ingredients to help precipitate the loss of dead hair from the undercoat which sometimes struggles to fall out without a little help.

This seasonal treatment will not only allow you to rid your dog's fur of dead hair but also to air out the epidermis and allow the new fur to take its place.

At the end of the grooming, you will feel like you have a brand new, grateful dog and a satisfied owner!

How to use *DOGMÜE:

-We start with a preliminary vigorous brushing

-Shampoo with Detox, then rinse.

-Apply *DogMüe generously to the dog's body and legs.

-Leave it to act for 5 to 10 minutes while brushing.

-Rinse thoroughly.

-Proceed with the finishing shampoo depending on the breed and utility.



-You can finish with DogGläm® moisturizing perfume. The latter will help maintain the maintenance of the cut and the smell of your dog between two treatments at your groomer, thanks to these odor-fighting enzymes and its silk protein for a little extra boost of radiance.

- DOGMÜE can be used on cats to avoid unnecessary shaving. The only difference is that we use PÜR shampoo for finishing.

*This product is reserved for professionals. Ask your groomer about the DOGMÜE shedding treatment for your pet.

Did you know that a dog with a shaved undercoat, its hair may not grow back or only in portions. These dogs are not intended to be shaved, some after shaving will never be the same! Sparse or even completely missing hairs, different texture... As in the photos.

The only reason a person may need to shave their dog's undercoat would be medical, such as an extreme skin problem.

Short-haired breeds.

For Labradors, Pugs (Pugs), Beagles, etc... The impact of shaving on short-haired breeds can be different from one dog to another, but in the majority of cases, we note a marked increase in undercoat growth at the expense of the beautiful, glossy primary coat which protects against bad weather, sun and insects.

The important thing to remember is that the animal will become unable to adequately regulate its body temperature and will be more likely to contract a skin condition...

Same principle as undercoat breeds, short-coat breeds should not be shaved unless there are medical problems.

-General rule, if your dog has hair that continually grows, it can be shaved! If, on the contrary, the hair remains the same length and your dog sheds... This is not a breed that you should shave!

Article written by Aude Daigneault, Animal Health Technician, Groomer and Blogger on the Life of a Groomer page.

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