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The strong smells of shedding season for dogs...

In spring, the body odors of our furry friends are amplified by the seasonal phenomenon of shedding. In fact, shedding periods are influenced by external factors such as temperature and daylight length, which affect the hormonal system of our furry companions. It is the hormones of our furry buddies that then "order" the hair follicles to accelerate or reduce their growth to adapt the coat to the season, becoming thicker in winter and lighter in summer.

This acceleration is propelled by a slightly higher production of sebum than usual... which means that our FURRY FRIENDS SMELL MORE than usual! And if our furry friends have a lot of dead hair that is not brushed, the bad odor will amplify... sometimes accompanied by dermatitis and yeast infections!

Once this phenomenon is observed, what can you do to make your furry friend leave your living room smelling as clean and fresh as you care for them in December or June? Well, to start, you could regulate the pH of their skin, which is imbalanced by hormones.

This way, you will have solved part of the problem.

To do this, a rinse based on apple cider vinegar, water, and green tea can lower the pH, which, when higher, promotes the growth of yeast and bacteria. Proceed with the usual care routine, but finish it off with a rinse of apple cider vinegar (preferably organic).

Here is an excellent recipe suggested by Dr. Becker Veterinarian and Rodney Habib blogger: 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar + 1/2 cup of green tea + 1 cup of distilled water. Apply to the skin and fur, massage and rinse.

Once the dog is dry, finish off with DogGläm from DogMä, which contains odor-eating enzymes... They will be so happy with this unexpected spring buffet! So, even the SMELLIEST DOGGIE WILL NO LONGER STINK, much to the owner's delight.

DogGläm will be great for easy detangling and maintaining a nice body fragrance for your furry friend!

* Do not confuse odor issues related to shedding with chronic odor issues that may be linked to health or poor nutrition.

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