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The Revitalizer

Is using a conditioner really necessary?!

The health of a dog's skin and coat is an external indication of the dog's overall health. Dry and flaky skin with a dull fur can reveal poor quality food or a more serious health problem.

Dogmä shampoos and conditioners, which are high-quality products, can improve the fur and skin of our pets. If you are unsure about your pet's health condition, always consult your veterinarian.

Let's talk about Dogmä conditioners!

"Smooth, creamy, rich, and exotic, our conditioner moisturizes, smoothens, and softens even the most unruly fur. Due to its composition, it forms a protective layer that works on the outside and inside of the fur by nourishing while rehydrating. This will provide you with a balanced and healthy-looking fur result. It is necessary to restore the hydrolipidic layer."

A conditioner has the following roles.

1. It repairs the skin and coat.

The role of a conditioner is to replace the oils that a shampoo can remove during cleaning. This way, a conditioner nourishes and repairs the dog's fur and skin.

Especially in the case of dirty and muddy dogs, the more shampoos used, the more dry the skin and coat will become.

A good conditioner complements the shampoo, retaining moisture and making the skin and coat soft and smooth.

2. It makes the fur shiny.

A healthy and well-groomed dog has a glossy and shiny coat. Post-bath sprays like Dog Gläm are also very effective in achieving a lustrous shine.

"Dog Gläm, often referred to as a dry conditioner or moisturizing perfume, is the perfect finishing product to add shine and hold to the fur. Made with silk protein, keratin, and enzymes that eliminate bad odors, it is also the ideal fur maintenance product between grooming sessions."

Even if a moisturizing shampoo is used, the conditioner traps nutrients on the fur and skin.

They contain ingredients that soothe the skin after shampooing and improve shine. The result is a beautifully glossy coat.

3. It gives the fur a lightweight appearance.

Ingredients like oils work wonders for dull and lifeless fur. These ingredients settle into the hair follicle and give the coat more volume. Conditioners can be used for all breeds, from thick and full coats to sparse coats.

4. It reduces static electricity.

Conditioners provide moisture to the skin and coat, softening and soothing those that are dry and dull. They replenish natural moisturizers and good oils, helping to combat static electricity.

5. It acts as a treatment for shedding and greatly aids in detangling.

Shedding is a natural process in a dog's life. A good conditioner can assist with hair shedding in combination with a shedding treatment. For dogs with an undercoat, a conditioner softens the fur and allows the shedding to loosen and slide easily, thus freeing up dead hair.

Il n’y a pas seulement que les poils morts qui glissent hors de la fourrure, les noeuds aussi. L’utilisation d’un revitalisant permet de démêler les noeuds plus facilement. Lorsque les noeuds sont hydratés, ceux-ci offrent beaucoup moins de résistance au démêlage.

How to use a conditioner

- Use the required amount of Dogmä shampoo to ensure that the skin and fur are thoroughly clean.

- Apply the Dogmä conditioner evenly throughout the body, massaging it in to penetrate the coat down to the skin.

- Leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

- Dry the animal and discover a smooth and silky coat that is shiny, as well as supple and moisturized skin.

Now that you know all the good reasons to use conditioners, let's also mention that using them allows for the most extraordinary stylish cuts!!

Article written by Aude Daigneault,

Animal Health Technician,

Groomer and Blogger of the Vie de toiletteuse page.

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