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The importance of disinfection (covid-19)

Now and more than ever in this period of pandemic it is necessary to disinfect all tools, blades and scissors, grooming table, door handle and even your hands, Dogmä is proud to distribute Loona.

All Products LOONA STER-SAN are effective against Coronavirus - COVID-19.

In order for Ster-San to be effective, the surface to be disinfected must first be washed (degreased). To do this, you can use Loona Xtrême cleanser

LOONA CLEANER XTREME is an activated peroxide. It attacks organic dirt and stains with its activated peroxide on  all surfaces in contact with animals, before disinfection with LOONA STER-SAN DISINFECTANT without rinsing deodorant.

Xtreme cleanser is safe for your hands at a 10:1 dilution.

It doesn't just disinfect, it has the cleaning power that most disinfectants don't have.

Directions for use: Remove excess solids.

Spray Loona Cleanser XTREME on the surface, leave to act for 5 minutes.

Rub or brush, then rinse if necessary.

Carpets and fabrics: carry out a test beforehand.

Spray and leave to act for 10 minutes. Scrub, brush and rinse if necessary.

Food surface: rinse after cleaning.

Apply LOONA disinfectant STER-SAN using a sprayer, cloth or a mop.

Leave surfaces wet for 10 minutes, then remove excess liquid.

Allow to dry before animals come into contact with the cleaned surface.

LOONA is a proud Quebec company, created in collaboration with a laboratory for the secrets of Merlin. These products meet a real need for professionals who work with animals. The products are safe for animals and environmentally friendly.

All our disinfectants are approved by Health Canada with DIN number and no rinsing.

LOONA products are: non-toxic, biodegradable in 28 days, without volatile organic compounds (VOC) and water-based.

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