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Let's talk about dogs and cats and their excrement

For some pets, it is important to check if the hair around the anus remains clean and dry. Of course, long-haired dogs and cats are the ones most likely to get stuck with a few gifts on their butts.

At home if your pet produces softer excrement or has diarrhea, check its buttocks properly.

- Excrement that remains trapped in the hair can create movement discomfort for your animal.

- They can also create inflammation, because the moisture from the excrement remains trapped between the skin and the excrement.

Did you know that the acidity of feces can burn your pet's skin, so always keep the area around the anus clean.

You have an animal that has diarrhea, you should examine its buttocks regularly, ensuring that its feces do not irritate the area around the anus and its buttocks. If there is redness, pain or inflammation or the diarrhea lasts more than 72 hours, it is important to consult your veterinarian.

At the grooming salon, you should always check the condition of the buttocks and especially the area around the anus of your canine and feline clients, and inform the owners of any abnormalities, bumps and irritation.

If you notice a slight irritation, Dogmäderme for dogs or Catmäderme for cats from Dogmä could help you greatly.

DOGMÄDERME & CATMÄDERME (The miracle lotion)

Dogmäderme and Catmäderme* gels have been adapted and created to promote the healing of minor skin discomforts which constitute the daily challenges of groomers concerned about the health and well-being of their hairy clients.

When we brainstormed for this product, we had two ambitious goals:

The first: that of creating "THE MIRACLE LOTION" and the second, that of working with entirely natural active products adapted to the fragile nature of the skin of our furry companions.

It is after several conclusive tests that we proudly present to you this product based on colloidal silver and several active ingredients which provide antifungal, antiseptic and healing powers which prevent and initiate the healing of wounds while moisturizing . A little "must" which should absolutely be part of all households that shelter or work with our furry carnivores.

The presentation of our formats in hermetic and opaque vacuum pump type bottles allows better conservation of the gel while protecting it from bacterial corruption.

Now you know that your pets' buttocks are not to be neglected either!

*For cats: Catmäderme same product as Dogmäderme but without essential oils.

📷 Article written by Aude Daigneault,

Animal health technician,

Groomer and Blogger of the Groomer's Life page.

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