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Hair detangling

The detangling lotion DGMO, a small bottle with strength

Full-proof action on the knots.

Of course, we're talking about knots here and there, not a single mound of hair all over the body... That's another story.

Small knots can be found all over your pet's body. These can make your pet uncomfortable and even cause pain because the knots constantly pull on their skin, hence the importance of removing them quickly. But the best thing is always to prevent them from forming. Here's how to do it:

  • Regular brushing every day, deep down (to the skin) with a brush suited to your hair AND a comb that will help you detect knots as you go.

  • Regular grooming every 6-8 weeks

  • Don’t hesitate to ask your groomer for advice on how to brush your dog and the best tools to do it.

If your pet still gets knots, DOGMÄ detangling lotion will be a great ally. It allows you to untie and smooth fur which poses a real challenge to brushing. While leaving a pleasant smell of Japanese cherry.

Before getting out the scissors or razor and cutting out the tangles, try the DOGMÄ detangling lotion . The active ingredients of the lotion, sheath, smooth and protect the hair, allowing them to slide over each other. Which makes it easier to detangle and then brush

Antistatic and non-greasy, theDOGMÄ detangling lotion is perfect to untangle knots both dry and wet.

Instruction: apply a small amount of detangling lotion and brush. Can be used before or after bathing.

In winter, it will also be an asset for furs filled with static. A few small sprays all over the body and the hair will work wonderfully afterwards.

Good detangling!

Article written by Aude Daigneault, Animal Health Technician, Groomer and Blogger of the Groomer's Life page.

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