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Eye droppings

To begin with, you should know that our animals' eye droppings are made up of tears or more precisely tear fluid, mucus, dust and dead cells. These eye drops are only the result of the proper functioning of your pet's eye protection.

When to clean your dog or cat's eyes?

Your pet's eyes should only be cleaned if there is secretion or crusting at the inner corner of the eye. If the eyes are clear without discharge, there is no need to clean them. If you notice abnormal discharge because it is too abundant or purulent or even of an abnormal color, consult your veterinarian.

Why clean your dog or cat's eyes?

Using hygiene measures on your pet is important, even essential. We regularly clean our teeth and ears, but we must not forget our eyes in your daily maintenance operations! In addition, the sooner your pet is used to it, the more cooperative it will be.

For some dogs/cats, it is very easy to take care of but for others, particularly long-haired dogs, they require much more maintenance!

What should you use to clean your pet's eyes?

  • To clean your dog/cat's eyes, never use cotton which leaves fibers that could cause an infection. Use paper towels or a soft, clean cloth.

Gentle moisturizing formula with aloe juice, lavender hydrosol and witch hazel with gentle and antiseptic properties.

  • Then pass your cloth over your pet’s eye

  • Repeat the steps for the other eye.

  • Don't forget to reward him with his favorite treat after each eye.

  • To clean an eye, start from the inner corner (towards the nose) towards the outer corner (towards the ear for a dog and down for a cat) to avoid bringing dirt back into the eye . Remove large eye droppings before cleaning but gently.

But what can happen if you leave the eye discharge in place without removing it?

If you wait too long and a scab has formed, do not try to remove it all at once, you will make your pet suffer. Below those crusty eyes, there is probably a very large irritation, like in the photos.

The crusts keep the eye excretions moist, which ends up creating a breeding ground for bacteria and thus causing even more problems....

If you have reached this point, a visit to your groomer will be a good option to remove the scabs!! And surely afterwards, a consultation with your veterinarian. For a soothing and antiseptic lotion, Dogmä has Dogmäderme and Catmäderme, adapted and created to promote healing minor skin discomforts. (more information on a future Blog article)

Don't wait until you get to this point... Such a simple action deserves to be carried out regularly!!!

Article written by Aude Daigneault,

Animal health technician,

Groomer and Blogger of the Groomer's Life page

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