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Ear cleaning

Ear cleaning, a trivial task!? Maybe, but do you do it regularly? Do you check every day for debris, redness, irritation or suddenly a funny smell coming from your canine companion's ears?

Ear maintenance is important to avoid infections, which can quickly worsen when left untreated, ranging from ear infections, loss of balance and even deafness.

Photos of advanced ear infections.

How to do it

Cleaning the ear can be done daily, especially for dogs with lop ears who are predisposed to ear problems and diseases. Without naming them all, here are some breeds with lop ears: cocker spaniels, beagles, basset hounds.

As the structure of the ear is bent, using the correct cleaning technique is essential. A cotton swab should not be used (just like in humans), it could push earwax into the ear. inside the ear canal, even damaging it.

If your pet has a very hairy ear canal, it is recommended to remove the hair to allow better ventilation of the ear. Hair removal from the ducts is not something that should be done systematically, to avoid irritation, but rather when there is hair congestion. For hair removal, avoid using tweezers, a sudden movement of the animal and it risks being injured. Your fingers remain the tools of excellence for removing excess hair from the ear canal.

The essentials:

  • Cleaning pads (preferable to cotton pads which can fall apart and leave filaments inside the ear canal)

  • Treats to reward your dog after each ear.

Did you know??

DOGMÄ offers you a soft, hydrating and non-greasy formula. Its lotion with hydrosols of lavender, witch hazel and essential oils gives it antiseptic and antifungal properties. It helps clean ear debris without drying out the ear and ear canal. This formula is designed for dogs only.

Here's the real way to clean dogs' ears:

  • Start by stretching the dog's ear to “unfold” the ear canal as much as possible.

  • For ears with a lot of hair (Poodles, Shihtzu, Doodles) it is best to remove the hair before cleaning.

  • Drop a few drops of DOGMÄ ear solution for dogs into the ear canal. Be careful, the dog will have the reflex of wanting to shake its head to get rid of the product.

  • Massage the base of the ear canal to dissolve earwax and remove dirt from the ear.

  • Then let the dog shake his head: he will bring out the solution and the “junk” at the same time.

  • Wipe the ear canal and the entrance to the ear canal using a woven cotton pad, a cleaning pad or a soft, clean cloth.

  • Reward your dog with his favorite treat.

  • Repeat the operation for the other ear.

Signs that a visit to your veterinarian is necessary:

  • There is redness and/or warmth of the skin of the ear, itching and/or very severe pain.

  • The dog shakes its head and rubs its ear. He may keep his head tilted in the event of an advanced infection.

  • A bad smell emanates from the ear.

  • Brownish secretions, pus or blood present at the exit of the ear canal.

If you have any doubts about the ear health of your canine companion, veterinary consultation remains the best option.

Now that you know the technique of professionals in canine aesthetics, it's up to you to take care of your companion's ears.

Article written by Aude Daigneault,

Animal health technician,

Groomer and Blogger of the Groomer's Life page.

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