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chien dans la neige, dogma

This formula is rich in active ingredients to help precipitate the fall of dead hair from the undercoat, which sometimes finds it difficult to fall without a little help. 

This seasonal treatment will not only remove the dead fur from the doggie coat, but also aerate the epidermis and allow the new fur to take its place.

At the end of grooming, you will feel like you have a brand new, grateful dog and a satisfied owner!


- Wash the dog with Detox;

- Rinse;

- DogMüe is generously applied to the entire body and legs of the dog;

- Leave to work for 5 to 10 minutes while brushing;

- Rinse thoroughly;

- Apply the finishing shampoo according to the breed and use;

- Apply the Conditioner and brush again lightly;

- Rinse;

- Dry;

DogGläm® moisturizing perfume can be applied as a finish.  This will help maintain the maintenance of the cup and the smell of a doggie between treatments at your groomer's.


To better understand the phenomenon, we suggest that you read our article on the moulting phenomenon in the blog section.