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Once grooming is complete, the desire to make all this art last is reflected in the long-lasting scent of an alcohol-free eau de toilette and the desire to maintain the coat by providing good brushing support!


(for dogs)


At DogMä we offer you perfumes that match our shampoos.  Thus, the following flavors are available:

​Mint & Green Tea

Fresh, clean smell that is well suited for more virile or rural dogs

Frosted Berries: 

Fruity smell that unconsciously gives us the irresistible desire to eat candy

Vanilla & Lime: 

Do you like the hot cupcakes coming out of the oven?  Well, you love this fragrance with its warm tones and fresh lime scents

Cucumber & Melon:

A fresh and sweet smell, reminiscent of the scent of warm summer days filled with the scents of the garden


(for dogs)

​Cucumber & Melon or  Mint & Green Tea

Dog GLÄM, often referred to as a dry conditioner or moisturizing fragrance, is the ideal finishing product to add shine and hold to fur.  Composed of silk protein, keratin and an enzyme that suppresses bad odours, it is also the ideal fur care product between grooming sessions.


(for cats)


A groomers' darling that works with cats

Very useful for long-haired cats, it is an excellent anti-static against the effects of heating in winter and prevents the formation of large knots despite the grooming work of a cat!  


Ensemble eau de toilette-120ml.jpg

Eaux de toilette

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