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chien et chat qui joue, dogma

Moisturizing and treating, it is perfect for sensitive skin in addition to care with PÜR shampoo. Its moisturizing and antibacterial active ingredients are ideal to complement the action of PÜR shampoo and restore the natural hydrolipid barrier that protects the epidermis.​

By its composition, it forms a protection acting as much on the outside as on the inside of the hair. It nourishes while rehydrating the hair. The result: a coat with a balanced and healthy appearance, while giving body and brightness to the coat.

Without any chemical agents, without petroleum derivatives, without alcohol, without sulfate, it does not contain any silicone, any parabens and it is free of polymers. This way, you avoid the accumulation of toxins that could dangerously accumulate in your four-legged client's body.


Directions for use: Shake the bottle. Apply generously to the previously washed fur. Rinse with warm water.

Light lavender hydrosol fragrance.

Ingredients: Aqua; lavender floral water (hydrolat de lavade), aloe barbadensis leaf powder, citric acid and sodium (aloe vera juice), bambusa vulgaris leaf extract, Ceteareth-20, Cramp abyssinica seed oil, matricaria recutica leaf extract (and) Hydrogenated vegetable oil (and) Tocopherol glycerin, panthenol, phytokeratine, conservateur.




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