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LOONA Odour Eliminator is highly effective. By combining "odour control technology with biological activity" that destroys bad molecules, the result is the complete elimination of odours. This combination quickly provides effective and durable control, and contains sophisticated cleaning and stain removal capabilities for carpets and upholstery fabrics.


For cat, dog, horse, urine, marking, ejection, smoke, sulphur and ammonia odours.


LOONA Odour Eliminator is designed for grooming salons, canine boarding houses, kennels, stables, pet shops, breeders and pet owners...

Loona odour eliminator (500ml ready to use)

  • Surfaces: spray the soiled surface and clean with a cloth or mop, then let dry.



    FABRICS: Wet the soiled surface, spray and rub gently. Wipe off excess and allow to air dry.



    ALL SURFACE AND FABRICS: favorite place for animals, pillow, furniture, carpet, cage, wall, floor, urinal, bath. On fabrics, test beforehand.

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