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Felicity (the famous "calm down")

It is a glycerite, composed of chamomile, valerian, passion flower and skullcap. It is formulated without alcohol. With the right dosage, this formula can help reduce anxiety peaks. It is particularly useful for dogs and cats who are afraid of grooming, veterinary care, the arrival of a stranger, stormy evenings, car trips, exhibitions and cat or dog competitions.


Its formula is well balanced, calm but does not stun. Its effect is almost immediate and short-lived. It thus makes it possible to defuse anxiety triggers and work on the subject in positive reinforcement.

This glycerite is a support for anxiety but does not replace the medication or diagnosis of a competent authority such as the veterinarian

Available in 1oz dropper formula


Dog: 20-40 drops as needed

Cat: 10-20 drops as needed



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