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Queva, a start-up that focuses on the well-being of your pet!

Founded in 2020, Queva now has 8 people and works with various certified veterinarians. Their goal is: to improve the quality of life of dogs through a smart and connected collar.

A few years ago, Jacob Thiboutot-Calderon, founder of the startup, adopted a dog named Oscar. He had to consult a veterinarian several times to try to find a solution to the dog's anxiety disorder, but without success. With his experience, Jacob observed that it is difficult to leave the house when his pet is sick. After much research, an idea came to mind: receiving data on his dog, using a mobile app, could take a lot of stress off owners.

He then discussed it with his associates, Morgane Le Noury, Michael Crevier, Youssef Ibrahim and Nadir Trapsida, also dog lovers, who agreed to start the project. That's how the Queva collar was born!

Let's take a closer look at the components of this invention.

Your dog health on your cellphone 24/7

Monitor their health has never been easier!

The collar is equipped with various sensors and transmitters that collect a ton of information about your dog. It includes a waterproof electronic box that you can insert on your personal collar or Queva's. The battery in the box has a two-week life, which you can charge while your pet is sleeping.


With its GPS, it allows you to locate your dog at all times. This function also allows you to establish a perimeter on your property. It will always be possible to find your pet in case of runaway or theft.

Activity monitoring

With the help of the motion sensor, you will be able to obtain data on his sleep, heart and breathing rates, physical activity, nutrition, caloric gains and losses, etc.

Temperature sensor

Normal dog's body temperature is between 38 and 39 °C. The sensor integrated in the collar allows you to measure its temperature, in order to detect a fever or to prevent a heat stroke to your pet.

Not sure what activity to do with your dog?

The mobile app also includes a system of tips and activity suggestions based on your dog's needs and health conditions.

By the numbers:

  • Nearly one in seven dogs has a health problem without knowing it.

  • Pets are three times more likely to contract a severe disease than to have an accident.

Want to extend your pet's life?

Don't miss the release of the Queva Collar, connected collar in 2023!

Visit the Queva website for more information.

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