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Why have your pet groomed by a professional?

Does your dog look like it’s been out all night dumpster diving? Your cat scratches everything in its path? You can't see your Maltese's eyes anymore? Maybe it's time to groom your pet. In fact, it's essential to its health and well-being.

But the reality is that grooming your furry friend is not as simple as it seems. For many owners, it’s even a source of great anxiety and frustration.

Fortunately, you’ve got experts in pet grooming and animal behaviour. Contrary to popular belief, these professionals are not exclusive to beauty pageants. They’re there to ensure the routine and proper grooming of dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes.

Here are 3 reasons to have your pet groomed by a professional.

1. Their animal expertise

Your canine and feline grooming professionals have extensive knowledge of the anatomy and behaviour of all types of breeds. They can therefore:

  • Adapt grooming according to a breed's fur type and aesthetic standards.

  • Analyze the animal's temperament and adapt their own behaviour to make it more comfortable.

  • Use proper techniques and handling to avoid injuries to both the groomer and the animal.

  • Detect potential health problems (injuries, allergies, parasites, etc.) and bring them to your attention so that they can be treated quickly and properly.

2. Their equipment and specialized products

A professional groomer already has all the equipment required to groom pets safely and efficiently, including adapted bathtubs, dryers, razors and pet nail-clippers. They also use products specially designed for different types and lengths of hair, such as our natural Dogmä products.

Having all these nice products and equipment is one thing, knowing how to use them is another! A professional groomer masters all the techniques necessary to:

  • Detangle long hair

  • Trimming nails

  • Cutting facial hair

  • Clean the eyes and ears

  • Maintain the paw pads

  • And much more!

This gentle and controlled handling will calm your furry friend down and allow it to return home quickly, ready to be complimented by the neighbourhood!

3. All services under one roof

Grooming salons have the advantage of bringing all services and facilities under one roof. This allows for a complete and consistent grooming, as well as valuable expert advice to make your life easier between appointments.

How often should I have my pet groomed by a professional?

Although it depends mainly on the breed and the basic grooming done at home, a complete grooming should be done at least once every 4 to 6 weeks. When done on a regular basis, this care contributes significantly to the health and well-being of your pet.


Professional grooming is about more than just aesthetics! It's about pet lovers who have the expertise, the equipment and the specialized products, all under one roof.

Curious to try it? Click here to discover the complete list of grooming salons that use our Dogmä products!

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