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Let's talk about skin folds in dogs

Did you know that these folds must be kept dry and cleaned regularly?

The skin folds are never in contact with the air, therefore impurities accumulate there and can lead to serious infections. Not to mention that if the humidity remains trapped there, you will have an environment favorable to infections!

What is an infection of a skin fold called? An intertrigo!! Intertrigo in dogs is an inflammation of microbial maceration of the skin located in a fold.

The deeper and more closed the folds, the more easily maceration occurs with microbial propagation which will aggravate the inflammation.

When we talk about skin folds, of course we think of the Bulldog, Pug, Pekingese but don't forget that all obese dogs will have skin folds that will need to be cleaned (in the armpits, base). of the tail… )!

Good hygiene and wrinkle monitoring are essential

- Always keep folds clean and dry.

- Clean them thoroughly with a soft cloth daily, avoid using cotton wool for cleaning. The wadding can leave filaments which can promote the humid environment that bacteria love so much.

- You can use dry shampoo of DOGMA to clean creases. Put a little dry shampoo on a clean, soft cloth, then clean well. Don't forget to dry well afterwards.

DOGMA dry shampoo: This unique shampoo is available in a dry spray version. Made up of lavender hydrosol, aloe vera, white clay, phytokeratin and bamboo extract, it is effective, versatile and very gentle.

Designed for dogs and cats with sensitive skin, it is also recommended for cleaning puppies and kittens.

It is recommended for puppies and kittens because of its calming gentleness.

No chemical agents, no petroleum derivatives, no alcohol, no sulfates, it contains no silicone, no paraben and is free of polymers. This way you avoid the accumulation of toxins that could dangerously accumulate in the body of your four-legged animal.

Signs of infection include:

- Redness and warmth of the skin in a fold, itching, the dog rubs, as best he can, the fold of skin that itches.

- A very bad smell can sometimes emanate from an infected fold.

- Redness, pus or blood may be seen in more seriously infected folds.

- If you notice one or more signs of infection in a fold, consult a veterinarian.

Article written by Aude Daigneault, Animal Health Technician, Groomer and Blogger of the Life pagegroomer.

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