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Getting through the fall season with your dog

Finally, fall is here! Who doesn't love the official season of walks in the woods with breathtaking scenery, a nice hot coffee/tea in hand, accompanied by our furry friend?

Many people ask themselves: I don't know what's gotten into him, he usually listens to me!

Many factors cause sudden changes in the behavior of our companions. During the fall, these changes force us to adapt our conventional training methods. Here are a few things to consider and tips on how to make the most of fall with your dog.


As the days get cooler, we feel sometimes see our dog stopping more frequently during walks to smell every corner. The many smells that present themselves during fall, the humidity of the ground, the falling leaves – everything seems to peak their curiosity.

It's quite normal, considering that a dog's sense of smell is four times more developed than that of a human. Let's not forget that it's also their way of identifying what surrounds them, such as people, other dogs, objects and even dangers.

You have several options. You can be patient and let him sniff around, or try offering him something more interesting. Bring an alternative that's sure to get his attention, like his favourite treats or his beloved ball.

It's not necessary or recommended to use force, as it will be more frustrating for you and less encouraging for your dog. Positive reinforcement is the key to a healthy relationship with your faithful companion.


Cooler weather means more energy to do outdoor activities. This mentality also applies to our dogs who tend to have more energy with the less sweltering days. The situation can quickly become discouraging when our pet seems to be tireless.

What can we do to expend their energy?

Fall is the perfect season to spend time outdoors, so why not find activities that can be done with your dog? More and more places are accepting our furry ones with open arms. All it takes is a little research: hikes, apple/pumpkin picking, dog parks, dog cafes and spas, etc.


Although fall is a beautiful season, it also comes with its share of rain, mud and dirt. The return from the outdoors is often less pleasant when we have to chase our dog around the house to clean its paws.

The solution for a clean house is to desensitize your companion to basic hygiene care. The classic sit, down, stay and shake-a-paw are our best allies. This will allow us to sponge up the paws and dirty spots while our pet waits for everything to be done.

This is easier said than done. It's important to get your pet used to having its paws and belly handled by giving him treats as a reward. It takes time and patience, but it pays off in the end!

Our PÜR dry shampoo or our lavender & kaolin hydrolate are miracle products that will help you clean your dog quickly and hassle-free.


The change of seasons also means excessive hair loss for our pets. We find it on our clothes, furniture, floors – quite the ordeal! We feel that brushing is endless and without result.

The use of a moulting product can be a good solution to remove the excess dead hair on your dog and at the same time to aerate his epidermis to allow the growth of his beautiful winter coat.

To make your life easier in the fall and spring, try the DOGMÜE treatment.


In closing, fall is the perfect season to have lots of adventures with our little furry ones. Relax and most importantly, enjoy.

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