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Everything you need to know about pet shedding

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

May at last! Spring is well underway and soon we’ll be taking out our summer clothes and swimsuits. But it's not just us humans who need to adapt to this nicer weather!

Are you noticing that your pet is losing a lot of hair this time of year? Are you wondering how to stop this hair invasion?

Let us teach you a little more about shedding in your pets!

What is shedding?

Shedding is a semi-annual phenomenon that occurs in animals when the seasons change. In the fall, you’ll notice your pet shedding its summer coat to make way a thicker, warmer coat against the cold winter months ahead. The opposite occurs in the spring, when warmer weather arrives and your dog or cat no longer needs this winter coat. This is called what is called shedding.

Is shedding in dogs the same as in cats?

Yes, and no. Although canines can shed all year round, it is much more pronounced at these two times of the year. In dogs, the shedding phase is very hard to miss! Let's get the vaccum out and get cleaning!

In cats, this phenomenon can be seen in a much more discreet way than in dogs. Since felines tend to spend hours and hours every day making sure they are clean at all times, it goes without saying that shedding is a little less visible than with dogs. This is often where the famous hairballs in your cat's stomach come from. However, the principle remains the same: the loss of the thick winter coat gives way to a lighter summer coat and vice versa.

So, should I shave my dog or cat to eliminate shedding?

Absolutely not! There are different solutions to reduce this phenomenon, but it will be impossible to eliminate it since it is simply a natural cycle for the animal.

You should never think of shaving a dog or a cat for this reason. First, your pet's coat has the function of protecting against foreign bodies, chemicals and environmental stressors. In other words, the skin and coat protect the internal organs from external threats. The coat also helps regulate its body temperature and maintain a proper immune system.

Also, if you want to shave your pet's undercoat just to reduce shedding, be aware that your cat or dog's hair will grow back twice as hard and fall out twice as much afterwards! It’s even possible that the hair never grows back and creates an imbalance.

What are the different solutions to reduce shedding?


Are you familiar with our amazing Dogmüe, this miracle formula that helps to precipitate the fall of the dead hair of the undercoat of your canines that sometimes struggles to fall. This seasonal treatment will not only get rid of the maximum amount of dead hair from your pet's undercoat, but will also aerate the skin and allow new fur to take hold. Plus, this product is mango and papaya flavored and smells amazing!

It is also suitable for your felines. But we recommend an odorless shampoo (like Pür) after the treatment to eliminate the fragrance that could remain on the hair and that the cat does not like.

Dogmüe activating shampoo

For jobs big and small, our Dogmüe shampoo is the perfect complement to our Dogmüe treatment to help activate the shedding of dead hair and make your furry friend look great again!


Secondly, choosing the right brush for your pet's breed, as well as brushing regularly, can do miracles (almost)! Brushing your dog or cat's coat will also make it softer, cleaner and less likely to shed.


A pet that eats a complete and balanced diet will get the vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep its hair follicles strong and from breaking. That being said, if your dog and cat are not getting the right food to meet their needs, the first warning sign may well be hair loss. Consult a pet nutritionist before starting to supplement your furry friend to make sure the nutrients are right for him.


We hope to have taught you a little more, or refreshed your memory, about this famous semi-annual cycle that occurs in our pets! Although this phenomenon is chronic and completely natural, it is a small inconvenience for a faithful companion who fills your daily life with hair and happiness!

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