DogMä is the result of the collaboration of master groomers, a leading zoocosmetic expert and a zoo herbalist.   The result is care and well-being products of exceptional quality, high performance and biologically adapted to the metabolic specificities of our furry pets .


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Exceptional products, at professional dog groomer level, I can't get enough of it! In my opinion, no other brand of shampoos can rival this quality!

Véronique Poitevin

Wow! I am a dog groomer and I regret that I had not discovered these products before! 
Spectacular results! 

Julie Nault

I am impressed, I washed my poodle with Aviva, he has never been this white or black, wonderful shampooing, I want to try other products as well... Really impressive!

Carole Pellerin


Neuville, QC - G02 2R0 - Canada
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For any additional information, questions or suggestions, contact us!   It will be our pleasure to answer you.  As you certainly, our days are very busy, contacting us by email will facilitate the exchange, but you can also reach us through our Facebook DogMä page.


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Tel: 418-284-4577 (text message)

Neuville, QC

G02 2R0 - Canada

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